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October 5 Shop Drop

It’s been a week of fighting with new patterns with not much to show for it yet, but there are a few new items popping into the Etsy shop tomorrow morning (perhaps earlier than usual; sorry, West Coast people).

First off, a special little dragon – halfway between the plushes and the art-doll dragons. The lace wings are made entirely on an embroidery machine. I can’t claim credit for them; I swiped them from a purchased bat design. I like the effect well enough I’ll be experimenting with making my own, though. The body fabric on that one is a glitter fabric I picked up in a moment of weakness, and aside from the glitter it’s been wonderful to work with and I’m really pleased with how that one turned out. Unfortunately, Etsy doesn’t support moving images because the sparkle really shows up better that way:

I’ve also gotten a few more marine-vinyl things done though, again, trying not to overwhelm the shop with those. A raven notebook cover, a dragon-skull dice tray, and some Hogwarts crests in house colors round out the week.

These are already in the shop; I think I missed sending out an update about them. They were a spur-of-the-moment design, and I’ve since gotten a new shipment of eye cabochons that will find their way into that listing whenever I get a free moment to stitch one up. (Don’t mind the littler ones, those are for Temeraire. ㊙)

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