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New colors/styles of dragons

Tomorrow (September 27) at around 10am EST, I’ll have a shop update. Although the art-doll version of the black-with-starry-wings dragon isn’t ready yet, the beanie and standing-plush versions are. I also have the first couple holographic-scales beanies ready to go, in sea green scales and sparkly-mint fleece with silver eyes.

While looking for interesting belly fabrics, I came across an oilslick rainbow fleece (a printed patterns, not color-shifting fleece) and made a couple of standing plush, er, fleece, dragons entirely from it. This fabric will probably make an appearance in combination with minky as well, but that will be in a future update.

The solid-minky standing plush dragons haven’t been forgotten, and a couple of kelly green will go (here with aurora borealis eyes – despite the way the light caught it, that’s not a blue eye with black pupil but a “backlit” glass bead)

Somehow I missed that I hadn’t ever listed Hold My Beer, so a couple of those notebook covers will go up. And I listed Valkyrie, Thor, and Loki but somehow never The Morrigan, so she’ll join them.

I’ve also caught up on trimming all my snap tabs and whatnot. Most of these are destined for gift-with-purchase (shh! those are entirely unofficial and secret) but I might give them their own listings at some point.